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Our commitment to the community

A strong global and local presence also means social responsibility. We know that our patients, customers, employees and partners in the healthcare system all put their trust in our reliable performance and in the future of our company – and at Fresenius Medical Care, we take this responsibility very seriously.

Fresenius Medical Care takes an active interest in the local Indonesian community. We work closely with organisations such as the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN) in the development of the educational initiative CREED - Cross Regional Education and Exchange in Dialysis. Now in its thirteenth year, this program continues to deliver further education to Indonesian nephrologists by assisting them with training and firsthand international education on optimal renal care.

A component of CREED is the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) CREED fellowship program which provides long-term sponsorships to fellows from developing nations.

At a local level, our employees are actively involved in the promotion of good kidney health. They understand that local renal education requires a higher profile and achieving this will be one of the long term goals for our company.

To learn more about our commitment to the local community, we would like to share these inspiring stories with you.