Dialysers and filters


Fresenius Medical Care offers a range of dialysers to meet the specific requirements of various therapies and individual patient needs.

Key features of our dialysers include:

  • High middle molecule removal rates combined with low albumin loss
  • Endotoxin retention capabilities
  • Improved haemodynamics
  • Consistent performance in the course of treatment
  • Biocompatibility
  • Inline steam sterilisation
  • Extensive product range

Dialysis-related inflammation is fundamental to the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease.1 Thus, purity and quality of the dialysis fluid is of utmost importance in providing cardioprotective haemodialysis and also contributes to the improvement of anaemia control.

The routine production of ultrapure dialysis fluid relies on the implementation of ultrafilters within the fluid pathway of the dialysis machine. Thus, Fresenius Medical Care has developed the DIASAFE®plus filter, to ensure an exceptionally high degree of dialysis fluid purity.

Inline steam sterilisation

This complex procedure delivers dialysers and filters with an exceptionally high degree of purity characterised by:

  • Sterility and pyrogenicity
  • Freedom from pore fillers
  • Proven integrity of the membrane fibres
  • Low rinsing volume 500 ml

Polysulfone Highflux

Polysulfone Lowflux

Dialysis fluid filters

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