Haemodialysis Patient Health Event

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Keeping physically and mentally healthy on haemodialysis

March marked the month for improving health education amongst dialysis patients and their families through a workshop titled “Keeping physically and mentally healthy on haemodialysis”. The piloted workshop covered medical discussions, exercise demonstrations and motivation talks to help educate dialysis patients and their families to live well.

Improving the quality of life of our patients lies at the heart of what we do. Fresenius Medical Care Indonesia together with Puri Cinere Hospital piloted a haemodialysis patient-family health workshop at the beautiful Matoa Golf Club in Jakarta in March.

The day commenced with a presentation from Dr. Fitri, an intern of the dialysis clinic. She presented the group with medical information on the kidney’s function and ways to effectively manage chronic kidney disease whilst on dialysis. For more information on the kidney and dialysis function, please click here. 

Dr. Widodo, the clinic’s nephrologist also presented the group with an open Q&A session with the main focus being ways to effectively integrate haemodialysis into a families daily life. The group were highly interactive asking insightful questions and sharing their experiences which achieved extensive participation across the group.

Mr. Heri, a local spiritual leader addressed the group with a motivation talk. His goal was to help patients re-focus and re-evaluate the positive impact access to dialysis treatment has had on the quality of their life. Mr Sidik, a dialysis patient of the Puri Cinere Hospital, talked about his personal journey with dialysis and how he integrates dialysis into his daily lifestyle. The talks were both very insightful and moving for all participants and one of the highlights of the day.

Covering the topic of physical health, the group was shown some light exercises and techniques that can be easily integrated in their day to day life.

The day concluded with some exciting games and quizzes with fantastic home appliances won by some participants.

The overall success of the day was attributed to the 60 participants who all showed enthusiasm; asking questions, engaging in conversation and demonstrations. The underlying feedback from the day was that by educating through an easy, positive and memorable way, patients can now put this information into practice to help their physical and mental health as well as strengthen family relationships.

At Fresenius Medical Care, our vision is to improve the patients’ quality of life. By continuing to achieve that vision, we anticipate to hold a patient-family orientated event again next year with more interesting topics and education tools.

For dialysis patients of this clinic who are interested in attending this workshop next year, please register your interest here.