Indonesia’s renal specialists’ contribution to the WCN 2013


The World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) is the leading biennial educational event in international nephrology and was held in Hong Kong from May 31–June 4 2013. Indonesia’s renal research was well represented at the WCN this year with 14 scientific abstracts being presented.

These contributions spanned multiple research categories including:

  • Haemodialysis (7)
  • Complications of dialysis (3)
  • Diabetes mellitus (clinical) (1)
  • Other renal disease-experimental models (1)
  • Primary glomerular disease (clinical) (1)
  • Secondary glomerular disease (1)

One of the posters was presented in the Diabetes Mellitus (clinical) category by Abdullah and colleagues. It provided results from a descriptive study comparing quality of life (measured using the SF-36 questionnaire) in 36 patients with diabetic nephropathy and non-diabetic nephropathy, who were undergoing regular haemodialysis.1

Compared with non-diabetic nephropathy patients, those with diabetic nephropathy demonstrated worse quality of life (56% vs. 44%, respectively). Results for individual components of the SF-36 questionnaire were as follows:1

  • Physical function: 44% vs. 50%, respectively
  • Bodily pain: 44% vs. 56%, respectively
  • General health: 78% vs. 89%, respectively
  • Energy/tiredness: 28% vs. 39%, respectively
  • Social function: 44% vs. 39%, respectively
  • Role emotional: 33% vs. 39%, respectively
  • Vitality: 17% vs. 6%, respectively
  • Physical health: 50% vs. 61%, respectively
  • Mental health: 39% vs. 39%, respectively.

The authors concluded that the quality of life of patients undergoing haemodialysis was worse in those with diabetic nephropathy versus those with non-diabetic nephropathy.1

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  1. Abdullah A, Syukri M, Syahri RA et al. Quality of life comparison between diabetic nephropathy and non-diabetic nephropathy who undergo regular hemodialysis with SF-36 methods. Presented at the: World Congress of Nephrology (WCN). Hong Kong, May 31–June 4 2013: Abstract SU250.