Watch Mr Utuh's Story: A new spirit for life


A positive individual achieving his goals

This is a video about Mr Utuh – a husband, father and working professional who was diagnosed with renal failure. His inspiring story shows us how he continues to enjoy his life with this family.

Mr Utuh was diagnosed with renal failure after having a sudden stroke in 2003. At the peak of his career, the stroke caused half of his body to be paralyzed meaning he would require a permanent wheelchair. Mr Utuh said he lost his “spirit of life” at that point and didn’t look ahead to his future - but that all changed once he commenced dialysis.

For Mr Utuh and his family dialysis has been a great benefit. He has regained his mental strength and found it immediately improved his quality of life. His lost hope was salvaged enabling him to go back to work and travel with his family again. He is a great example of a positive individual working to achieve his goals and enjoying his life.

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