Senna's story - regaining spirit, vitality and positivity

senas story

A young dialysis patient making plans for his future

As Senna was diagnosed with renal failure at the age of 15, he did the opposite of what most teenagers would do and came up with a new life plan for his future. With haemodialysis treatment and the loving help of his family, Senna has both of his feet firmly on the ground again. Watch his inspiring story here.

When Senna was a child and young teenager, he dreamed like many others his age, of making his beloved hobby of playing football a profession. When he was diagnosed with renal failure his dream of not only playing football but also enjoying a normal happy life suddenly appeared unreachable to him and his family. With minimal remaining kidney function Senna felt discomfort with his body, lost his appetite and also his positivity towards life.

Soon after he commenced his first dialysis treatments and with the support of his loving family Senna regained his spirit and his lust for living. He went on holidays again and was able to take part in the leisure activities of his family. And despite the challenges Senna had to face, he is now making big plans for the future. He is currently studying and he has a strong vision of founding his own business very soon. With his motto of “keeping spirited and motivated, as renal failure is not the end of life” – he will certainly reach all his future goals.