Patients' Stories

Utuh's story - a new spirit for life

Utuh Web
This is a video about Mr Utuh – a husband, father and working professional who was diagnosed with renal failure after having a sudden stroke in 2003. His inspiring story shows us how he continues to enjoy his life with this family.

Senna's story - regaining spirit, vitality and positivity

senas story

At just 15 years old, Senna was diagnosed with renal failure with only 3% remaining function in both of his kidneys. Senna lost his aspiration for life knowing he would need dialysis therapy. But right after he commenced his treatments, Senna was feeling better and was more comfortable whilst on dialysis. Senna regained his spirit, vitality and positivity and shares his advice to all dialysis patients: “keep spirited and motivated - because renal failure is not the end of life.”