Chronic Haemodialysis


The ageing population in Indonesia combined with a rise in risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension has led to an increasing number of people requiring haemodialysis on an ongoing basis. Patients undergoing haemodialysis experience a heavier burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) compared with the general population including a markedly increased risk of death. Indeed, an analysis by Ina SN (Indonesia Society of Nephrology) demonstrated that 45% of all deaths in dialysis dependent patients in 2011 were due to cardiovascular causes.1

This high cardiovascular mortality rate highlights the need to develop strategies for the identification and treatment of cardiovascular risk factors in order to improve the prognosis of this growing patient group.

Fresenius Medical Care is committed to supporting clinicians reduce their dialysis patients’ risks for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality by offering innovative products and services at every stage of haemodialysis therapy.

This includes supplying the most technologically advanced haemodialysis machines and consumables; offering complete dialysis care in our state-of-the-art dialysis centres; and installing and maintaining water treatment facilities for safe and effective dialysis.

4008S ng 2Haemodialysis machines
Through continuous optimization of the treatment modalities Fresenius Medical Care always aims to offer patients the best renal replacement therapy to increase their well being and quality of life.

dialysersDialysers and filters 
Fresenius Medical Care offers a range of dialysers to meet the specific requirements of various therapies and individual patient needs.

bloodlines tubing systems 2Other Disposables
As part of our commitment to supporting clinicians and their patients, Fresenius Medical Care provides innovative products and services at every stage of dialysis therapy

  1. 4th Report of Indonesian Renal Registry 2011